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1st of all, decide on what type of client your seeking .........

this can be a hard thing..... If your a guy that will do anything. and put your equipment anywhere. dont expect to have a good client base. and expect to be screwed over offten.

after you decide. then do research ( IN YOUR AREA ) as for prices. it's ok to go talk to others in the business.

Just walk up to a crew and start talking. be sure to sit down and add up all of your over head...... EVERYTHING..

it will help you to price.

if you have elderly customers. tell them, if there is anything We cn do for you PLEASE tell us...

TELL them you will be happy to change light bulbs. move the furniture if they want it done.
this will go a long way. they will recomand you to everyone. ( just let them know you CARE )

do not be afraid to turn down custoemrs. if the money's not right. YOU CANT MAKE IT RIGHT.
if you get that uneasy feeling. LEAVE......

before you know it you will havethat client base. BUT review the type of custoemrs you have.

TODAY. I cancled a HOA. simply becasue there guy is always calling us. he watches us work.
I informed him if he calls us anymore we will inform the police.......

if you get PITA custoemrs dont be afraid to cancel them.

Dont even talk to people who cant purchase your product or service.........Dave Thomas.
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