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Originally Posted by New2TheGreenIndustry View Post
Has anyone run an ad on lately? It seems they've really changed since I spoke with a rep 3 years ago. Though, any real benefit to what they are currently selling?
If I had a large marketing budget, then there might be a very small, small, almost remote chance I would advertise with them, if only to be part of the marketing blend that Big C alluded to with his reply. And then I would rethink it.

There are a couple of ways I look at it, without even factoring in the high costs:

1.) When was the last time you visited to find a local business?
2.) If you didn't use, what did you use to look up a business?

If you really want to test the waters, tell them you'll do a 2 week or 1 month test run and you can test their conversion claims.

Now, take that same amount that you were quoted and run a Google Adwords test campaign. Not only is there no contract, they often give you $50 or $100 to try it out.
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