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Picked mine up last Friday. I've been debating one since I saw it at the GIE Expo last October. I looked at the Exmark & Toro side by side and felt that the Exmark was the better option for us. We have used the Toro commercial 21" mowers for 30 years but switched to the Exmark 21" mowers 2 years ago and really like them better. I hope the same works for the 30". We debated about even buying a 30'' also. This is how we looked at it. Over the years we have tried to replace the push mowers with several different types of 32" walk-behinds but none of them filled the niche. My employee always preferred them and were more productive using the 21'' push mowers in these niche yards over the 32". The client's preferred it that way also. Therefore the 32" walk-behinds always ended up just taking up trailer space and then eventually sold. Bottom line is that we have to look at these new 30" mowers not as a replacement to a 32'' walk-behind but as an upgrade to a push mower. One that hopefully will be more productive upgrade.
Good feedback Joe Mower. I've been looking to purchase either a toro commercial 21" or exmark 21". Having used both, can you explain why you like the exmark 21" better? Thanks
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