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" Bottom line is that we have to look at these new 30" mowers not as a replacement to a 32'' walk-behind but as an upgrade to a push mower. One that hopefully will be more productive upgrade"

This is exactly how I looked at it also. It provides a faster cut on smaller yards AND if I'm right, will serve well as a trim mower and speed things up. Best part is that I now will also have back up. IF the 30 goes in the shop, I can still fall back on the Honda HRC.

And to be honest, I really am not sure what the true horspower ratings are for the Kawi engine. I was mainly looking at the reliability of that engine instead because the HP ratings and Torque ratings have become so unreliable. Most of the reviews I have read were positive overall for the exmark 21.

Today I set up the trailer and made some room for the new mower, and adjusted the handle height. This was easily done with a ratchet and a single socket (cant remember which size).

The mower seems solid overall, with only one area that seems to be a weak point at the moment. The gas tank isnt mounted as securely as I would like. One other small detail that bugged me was the plastic Oil Dip Stick. It just feels cheap to me, but this is a small gripe.

Someone mentioned the bag seems small, and I have to agree with you on that. Its the same size as the exmark 21, so it will fill quickly during the growing season. I mulch most yards, so this shouldnt be a big deal.

Regarding the trans...someone mentioned its a single speed, but that isnt the case on the exmark. I was supposed to be mowing some weeded properties with it today, but instead I ended up trimming crepe myrtles and shaping a few shrubs and rose bushes for a new customer. She liked the work, and hired me for lawn care this season, and already paid up front for the month of March.... so tomorrow I'll get the mower dirty. Stay tuned for more.....
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