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I do not know anything about this product or have never even heard of it, so I will not comment on the product it self.

What I would like to comment on is the fact that when home owners start bashing things it runs up a red flag to me. Too many times have I heard "this stuff is worthless" or "that stuff killed my grass" when the truth is that misapplication was really to blame.

Mr X
"I put this stuff on my lawn like the instructions said but now my grass is dying"

Mr Pro
"Ok, so you used this much and did it this way"

Mr X

Mr Pro
"Well that should not be the problem. Did you do anything else recently?"

Mr X
" Yes, a couple of weeks ago [generally means 8-10 days] I used this other stuff just like instructions said but it was not doing anything, so I went back and got this stuff"

Well ding ding ding we have a winner
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