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ok. it is not as complicated as it may seem to you. i have never heard of anyone having a retail lisence for mulch installation.
the math is probably the most complicated part. lets say the property has 600 sq ft of beds that need mulch. you need to figure out how deep to put the mulch. most use 2-3 inches. lets say you want 3 inches. 27 cubic feet in 1 yard = 108 sq ft if mulch is 3 inches deep. 600/ 108 = roughly 6 yards.
call nursery/ garden center order 6 yards of mulch. tell them to deliver to clients house and ask how much is delivery fee. around here it would be $24/yard + $50 delivery usually. that is $194. you charge the client lets say $70/yard + delivery fee. that would be $470 delivered and installed. This should take you 3-6 hours solo depending how far you take the mulch in the yard. if its far in the back yard, charge more per yard. from that you will make $280 roughly. then for edging you can get rougly around $1/ foot of edging.

i am solo.
i think my first job was 9 yards. got it delivered in 2 large piles and wheel barrowed it into the beds, spread it around. before this i weeded and edged the beds. once i was done i raked the area where the mulch was so it the lawn was clean and i blew it off with the blower. it helps to get it dumped onto a tarp so no damage is done to lawn. if delivered on driveway you can use hose to get it very clean which is a key to any job, making it look very nice at the end.
you keep asking about the bagged mulch from home depot. see the prices range from $2.50 - $3.50 for 2 cubic feet. this is $33- $45/yard vs $24. Now if you get a whole pallet from the nursery it might be cheaper, but for me the bulk mulch has always been cheapest and best. get hardwood shredded most of the time. dont get died mulch that is sick.
mulch should take an hour at the most to install 1 yard. if youre quick and careful 30 minutes.
i hope this clarifies somethings for you and empowers you to do the job. this site has helped me a lot i hope this helps you
good luck
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