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Originally Posted by joed View Post
Good feedback Joe Mower. I've been looking to purchase either a toro commercial 21" or exmark 21". Having used both, can you explain why you like the exmark 21" better? Thanks
Joed- There are a many of reasons I like the Exmark 21" over the Toro 21". First I like the simplicity of the bails. The smaller less obtrusive bails on the Exmark are so much more user friendly. I also really like the height adjusters and wheels better on the Exmark. The height adjuster on the Toros always bent up and wore out quickly. If they didn't they were tough to move or even seized up in the body casting prohibiting you from replacing them. Over all the Exmark's mower deck is a cleaner and more sturdy design than the Toro. They both cut fairly equal but I must admit that the Toro might mulch slightly better but not enough to make a difference. The Exmark just feels better balanced and has a tougher but more simplistic functional design. The Honda GX engine on the Exmark doesn't hurt either. I really hope this is true for the 30" also. From what I can see thus far I think it will. One more thing to take into consideration is your dealer support. We have better dealer support with our Exmark dealer than with our Toro dealer.
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