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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Thanks Sean, I always enjoy reading your posts.... Very thought provoking and inspirational to say the least. I hope you see this and can respond because I think numerous people could benefit from a small amount of elaboration in one aspect of your post. I am a new owner, but long time in the business guy. I feel that my 15 plus years of experience has set me up with a bit of an advantage compared to the next guy because I obviously have seen what can work and what cannot, how to do this and how not to do that.... With all of the excitement involved in getting started I find myself getting caught up not only with tinkering with equipment, but spending immense amounts of time with many aspects of the business. So, i guess my question for you is.... As a new owner, is my overall excitement and passion for my business going to be detrimental? Of course I do bookkeeping and have been trained on estimates but I am definitely not spending as much time on them as I should because I just can't stop fiddling with everything else! It's just too much fun! I figure this "bug" will relax as at my first couple years go by but i also know the first couple years are the most important... Is there a happy medium? P.S I know you do consulting and as I stated before, I have a lot of respect for you... But, any chance we could get a little old school L.S freebie? Thanks a lot....
Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

Excitement is never a bad thing. I have always believed that entrepreneurs are willing to live their lives for a few years in ways most people won't, so eventually they can live their lives like most other people can't.

That being said, there are 24 hours in a day. A lot can be accomplished in a day. the question is - are you willing to really put in the time?

Michael Jordan, Hellen Keller, Abraham Lincoln and many other succesful people also only had 24 hours in their day, but they did not rest, did not stop and did not let theeir goals slip through their fingers.

In a start up situation it is not possible to hire people to do all the things you need done. Starting up, yes, as stated before makes it necessary to wear many hats.

My point is, tinkering with equipment, cleaning the shop, welding another basket on the trailer, sharpening more blades, going to the dealer to drool over new equipment is fine - as long as you have done all the other things that should come first.
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