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Originally Posted by Dylan's Lawn Care View Post
Is the new x-factor deck in production and can it be requested by the dealer to get one shipped? I will be buying a new 460 in a few weeks but want to get the new deck.

On the 20% fleet pricing it says two units does that mean I need to buy two mowers or does the bagger count. I know last year when I was looking at buying the bagger counted toward the fleet pricing .

Does the 12,000 total need to be after before discounts or after?

I believe last year also if you qualified for the fleet discount for say you bought a mower and bagger in the spring and then bought a stander later in the year you would still get the 20% off of the stander if it was bought within 12 month of your first purchase

Thank you
The changes to the X-Factor deck are currently in production, and the Pro-Turn 100, 200 and 400 units with a serial number of 20,000 or greater will have this new deck.

As far as your Fleet Program questions, you must purchase two or more Gravely 900,000 series skus with a combined value of more than $12,000 net cost. Follow this link for more details of this program There is a Fleet Assistance Plus Program where if you qualify for the Fleet Program, you will be able to purchase additional equipment for a 12 month period from date of initial qualifying purchase and receive the same benefit.

Please contact your local Gravely dealer for additional details on this program. The dealer can also let you know about other specials going on right now (i.e. $350 off our Pro-Stance unit, etc.).

Thanks, and let me know if you need anything else.

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