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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
please please please no bagged mulch! you are paying double! And never believe it if anyone tells you that there are not two prices for mulch... If you are going to a place with only 1 price for contractors and home owners..... you are in the wrong place!
new york and alabama are more opposite than anything else on earth dude.

just being honest about it. there is no contractor rate that i've ever heard of. if you look hard enough you can get mulch for free here. especially after a tornado hits and the city mulches up all of the debris and gives it away for free.

yes bagged mulch costs more but the time and labor to put it down is half. you can use truck load of mulch and it will take you 2 hrs or you can use bagged and be done in 1hr. i understand if it's a large job then truck loads are the only way to go. if it's a small job then bagged is 10x better.

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