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Pertaining to the wearing many hats for the start up guys- I saw a thread where some guy wanted to make six figures on his first year of start up. He wanted to get huge contracts and start hiring people to do the work. Realistically he probably had a fraction of the experience of people making $10,000 a year landscaping. That guy had no clue what it takes to get into the game. To start a business from the ground up you are that business. You have to be a jack of all traits. I never had time or money to bring my mower into the shop at the start of spring and pay $90 a shop hour and wait 6 weeks for my mower back. Instead of staring at it I picked up the wrenches and never looked back. You got to be a jack of all traits. Customer service is extremely important because every guy with a pick up truck and a wheelbarrow is a "landscaper". You got to be good on the phone and good with your hands.
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