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Go For It

If You feel comfortable that your crew will be able to do an excellent job on the property than I say go for it. You won't get a second chance if you screw it up the first time. Quite often the first company with a new complex lasts a long time if they do a great job. You may have a few more headaches during the first couple years just make sure you are handling them quickly and correctly. Place emphasis on your experience in the grounds industry, your proximity to the community and your willingness to keep their complex in the same fashion your crews keep the golf course. Site your experience with chemicals and your education and license's. When filling out the reference section simply put call to discuss. You will need to be able to explain to them why yours is the right company for the complex. Always include a cover letter and don't just bid the spec. If you feel comfortable with it, ask for he opportunity to address the board if necessary. If you are working with the general contractor as well then make sure you are communicating with him too. Good Luck.
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