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Bid question

Hello Everyone. I am a lawn and landscape company in Ohio. I mainly do lawn maintenance and small landscape work. I have an inside hookup with a lot and have an oppurtunity to put a bid in on multiple complexes. One of these complexes is an impound lot. Part of the bid is coming out 3 times a year to spray and kill growth between all of the vehicles in the back.

Yes I have my applicators license, but I do not push the squirt/fert. I mainly got it to do fencelines and whatnot for industrial complexes. In other words, I am having a tough time trying to figure out the cost of doing this. I have attached a picture of the complex, and the area they want done is between all of the vehicles locate dbehind the small white office building. I have a 50gallon tow behind tank sprayer which I will tow behind an atv, and I plan on using a 41%glyphosate based weed killer. Just measuring the rows of where the cars are parked, I am coming up with 288k square foot, or 6.6 acres. Also, will glyphosate damage the vehicles if some of it touches them?

Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks
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