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It's a tool that has it place. You have a thick healthy turf lawn thats dry with good roots this tool is great. We use the 60 inch one with a lazer and a trac vac so we rake mow and vac in one shot. You still got to blow off the lawn but the bulk is removed in that step and all the matted grass and leaves that are stuck gets freed up. Its very quick and very effective on lawns like that. Now last year the lawns were extremely wet and it was useless for the majority of our clean ups. You put that on a weak lawn with bad roots and it will peal up the lawn and rip it to shreds. It's your job to know when you can and can not use your tools. That said its rather cheap and not a big investment and it lasts years I think we are going into our 10th and are going to be putting in the first money ever for a few repairs i.e broken tines and a bent caster wheel.
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