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brakes pads... all around.

What a sht day today. So i get all excited about getting another plow in and then end the day with hearing that i need brake pads all around. I was plowing when the check engine light came on and so i bring it to the garage because i needed an oil change anyway. ** Im sporting a f250 reg cab 09 with 28.5k miles on it.** The guy calls me up and says the exhaust manifold is cracked (the other side, i was already in to have it replaced and he tells me "the other side" is now cracked and they have to call in parts to get that repaired which is under warranty.) So im pist to begin with because they didnt fix what they said the did to begin with. Then he proceeds to tell me that the break pads need repair because the calipers were sticking and causing the pads to decline even faster. This is an 09 with 28k miles on it, why am i running into these problems so soon anyway? I plow 8 residential properties, not a whole heck of a lot, and i send the truck thru the car wash almost everyday. Anyway, the guy couldnt even tell me how long the new brake pads would last, and that it would cost $560 for pads all around. ( this is the dealership i got the truck). I called up firestone and they said they had a special $104.99 /w $50 rebate for front or rear break pads. Idk if they are they kind i need but that sounds a hell of a lot better than spending close to $600. Anyone know how long break pads should last? The dealership guy said could be a year or a little more... u kidding me? Pay 600 bucks ever year for break pads? i call bs. Help please!!
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