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Thanks turfhokie.

The bid is not spraying and lawn care combined for 2k. The lawn bid itself is about 3k.

SO would you spray that lot 3 times for $2k? Also, I AM able to use a glyphosate herbicide so I can see that actually having pretty good results if I hit it hard the first time as soon as the grass picks up, and only have to touch up areas the other 2 times coming.

How many gallons would you go through when you sprayed that boat lot? I can understand why it would seem like a pain with a truck, i think using the ATV and my pull behind sprayer would make it a little less frustrating.

I can not see the materials costing me more than $100 mixing glyphosate 3 onces to a gallon.Spraying 110 gallons only would cost me $40 in supplies. 8 or 10 hour day spraying for $500 doesnt seem like too bad of a deal? Plus its the lawn bid that I find pretty profitable, but I have to do the weed spraying too in order to get the whole bid.

I invite your criticisms, as I just want to make sure my thinking is right.

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