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Jim, I would look for a better sub, that will finish work faster. I have a really good sub, wakes up early and gets the job done. One time I tried another sun and it turned out to be a disaster. Find yourself another mason.

As far as you doing the driveway - I would not count on it. They flopped around and wanted masonry which was news to you. You sold them on an aggregate base. then they flopped back to the guy with the concrete slab. flip flop flip flop. They flopped all over creation thus far, you can bet they'll flop all over creation on the driveway.

If I was the guy that got the work, my personality would have them sold to never call the previous contractors back. Taking my kid to work - people love that, they love seeing a young child learn the trade. And in turn - they grow a respect and fondness for me. Same could happen with this job. They might find out the contractor and the MR are both antique gun fanatics. Never allow opportunities for others.

With that driveway lurking around the corner - I would have found a sub.
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