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us lawns

We live in an area of 40,000 and US Lawns travels across state lines an hour and 15 minutes away and mows A church here in my home town. They do this 3 acres for 89 dollars yes 89 dollars!!! I can't come close to this! I bid 150 on it. The secratary at the church said none of them speak english as well.
HMMMMMMMMMMMMM??? Ticks me off ! I grew up down the street from this church! US LAWNS is their none but none speak ENGLISH!! How hypicritical is this!! Shouldnt they at least speak our language!! THey also do a local apt complex and I should say that I think the lead man speaks English but I know hes not the owner. I have to pay liability, work comp, and taxes on my employees there is no way!
Sorry just rambling but this really ticks me off! I told the church last year half way through the year I would do it for 87 just to hopefully get them out of town but I guess they did not want to change midseason or may have thought I was stirring things up. We do 8 churches locally not aproaching them this yeaR CAUSE I dont think this one cares whatever is cheaper matters the most.
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