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I have a 2003 F250, with about 47K miles. It has had two brake replacements, including rotors. In one case, the rotor broke, tore up the brake caliper, hoses, etc.

The second brake job was at about 15K more miles after the first. I only run about 5K per year, pulling a single axle, 3,000 GVW trailer. The problem for me was pretty simple. It sits outside, and I don't drive it hardly at all in the Winter. But, even on Spring, Summer and Fall days, it doesn't go far. My mowing routes are very close to my house, and two of those days, the full work day is clustered in one neighborhood.

The problem is the rotors get a rust from sitting. The rotors pit, making the surface rough. A rough rotor surface wears off the pads quickly. The rough pads further wear on the cast iron rotors. Most days, I don't drive it hard enough to even get the brakes warm, burning off moisture that makes the rust. There is little question about the rust -- I see it through the wheel often.

Brakes for this pickup, over the 9 years, and 47K miles, have been VERY expensive. There are penalties for driving hard and far, but there are also penalties for driving easy, slow and short distances.

I think the last brake job was about $700, full pads, new rotors (front ones are about $170 each). I chose not to do the work myself because the date was August, and I was full bore working. I was able to get myself, trailer, equipment, to an area where I could work all day, without needing the pickup.
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