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Needing some Help with Buisness set up

Ok, so ive been following and reading post after post on here to get my buisness more in line with what a "real lawn care buisness should be". Oh..and we are in texas, and I'm 43 years old if that matters. Looking for inputs on what else I NEED to do to run legal, and any other advice on what yall THINK would be benifical.

1. I established my name and strive to do quality work every time. My customer base has expanded to about 20 customers, and I now have commercial grade equipment for reliablilty. In past years, it was strictly cash for equipment, but this year I decided to finance an exmark 30 to increase my efficiency. Most of my yards are smaller residentials.

2. I have the logo set up, and am not too concerned about advertising yet. I do this as a daytime buisness and I work nightshift mainly for my main job. I have a decent number of customers to keep my (and my son) busy.

3. I registered our buisness name with the courthouse clerk, and paid the money for that.

4. I am having my taxes done by an accountant this year to see how things need to be "accounted for". I dont have the seperate Tax ID, and im guessing it will be filed under my social sec number, and filed along with our personal taxes this year. I am also considering quickbooks for tracking everything this year, if they say it would be benificial.

5. I currently work out of my personal truck and track mileage, but may be purchasing a dedicated pick up truck for the buisness.

5. Working on the liabililty insurance next. Now lets move on to my question:

I recently got a check that was made to my buisness name and not my real name. This presented a problem prior to having the "DBA" paperwork completed. Now that I have the DBA paperwork, I can cash those checks.

I was going to set up a "business checking account" using the buisness name, but they charge 10 bucks a month if the balance is under 3500 bucksm and there is a limited number of deposits you can make, along with a limited number of transactions (debit card purchases, checks, etc) per month. follow me here, the question is coming...LOL.

So, the bank offers free checking for personal accounts, but not buisnesses. First off, what benifit is there to a "dedicated buisness account? I dont want to get nickeled and dimed by spending 10 bucks a month on the checking account, and 26 bucks a month for quickbooks online if I dont need it. Ive also priced the quickbooks program, and my just buy it and NOT get the online version. Still trying to decide, so...Any inputs would be appreciated. I could just get a Free Personnal Account with debit card for no monthly fees, and save 120 bucks a year there. If I get the quickbooks program instead of the online version, thats a saving of about 100 bucks a year. Online is 27 a month, and the program was around 225 to purchase if i remember correctly. One benifit to the online version is that Im assuming it would integrate well with my Iphone 4s.

keep in mind this is a side buisness, and my intent is to keep it that way, and manage my accounts so I can maintain lawns during the day while working my main nightshift job.

Oh, and if I decide to get the dedicated pick up truck, I will be getting the truck vinyled for advertising, BUT...what is involved if I have a dedicated work truck in texas. still researching this. I assume I can simply add it to our insurance policy, or do I need to open a seperate account for a work truck.

I've considered an LLC also, but first things first....I'd like to say im walking before running, but right now I feel like I may be walking in circles...LOL.
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