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Originally Posted by pugs View Post
Yes, did something break inside the motor or did the shaft break off on the outside? Just wondering why you want to flush the pump. If stuff got in it, its probably already wrecked. If not, then leave it alone.
The shaft inside the wheel motor had been squeaking. finally it shattered. i got MOST of the pieces. All i can do is hope the pieces that i could not find did not get sucked up into the system. as far as shavings, there are none.

I dont know that flushing the system will remove the shards if they exist in the system. The hoses do have some dirt in the ends of them, ill be removing them and pouring oil through to clean them. This dirt should not have been able to make it all the way up into the system. mostly the mower has sat. only moved it enough to push across the lawn up the trailer then into my shed. last year.

Mostly i figure its a good idea to flush it. most of the oil is out of it. It has over 900 hours. seems like it would be good for maintenance to flush it for some fresh oil.
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