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Originally Posted by snowjeep View Post
I have a 33" cub that i used 60 hrs last summer. This year looking at using it 80-100hrs. So I found a gravely pro 36" belt with the 13hp kawi for $1200 and its a mint 2009. Would I benefit much from this mower over the cub? I hate fixing whats not broken but seems like a deal and would speed up things a little.
60 hrs at most is 2 hours a week for 30 weeks.

That is 2 to 4 lawns a week.

Your mower spends 2 hrs producing income and 38 hrs just sitting in your garage.

Your mower is being operated at 5% of its capacity and you want to replaced it?

You buying another mower is not a sound business decision. All you would do is then be using your mowers at 2.5% of their capacity.

Yes I read that you may go to 80 to 100 hours for the season. That means going from 2 hrs a week to 2.6 - 3.3 hours a week. That means just with one mower you will be 6.5% to 8.25% of production capacity with just your current mower.

Do you have a pick up, 6x12 trailer, hand held blower, hedge trimmer, chain saw, line trimmer, stick edger, back pack blower, spreader, loper, pruning shear, hand tools: rakes, shovels, dust pan, broom, etc?

What ever you do not have in the paragraph above you would be better off getting all of those before you get a second mower.

When the work is there you will be better of then moving up to a 48".

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