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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
Slapper...... Some info for you, I've had the same repeat issue with a few machines. The diodes are blowing due to voltage spikes from disengagement of the PTO clutch.

The fix for this issue is adding a diode to the PTO clutch plug connector;

The new part number is 25 755 40-S, After installing this kit I've yet to see these units back with a blown DSAI harness diode.

Fix the issue instead of milking it.....
You know....I thought about that....
Only had 1 problem....none of my Dixie Chopper Classics have an electric clutch....
I have been routing the regulater directly to the battery cable...instead of thru the ignition...
That seemed to help....thinking I might have been getting stray voltage from the stator when the magnetic field collapses during engine shutdown...
The latest diode failure was right out of BigFishes manual...U Can't Fix Stupid..
Much less 4 of them...The fuse holder attatched to the starter was ripped out of the engine harness..
The Crew decided to bare that wire...loosen a solenoid mounting nut..and install it directly to the solenoid housing...
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