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Originally Posted by ricky86 View Post
Let me understand this. The wheel motor shaft broke inside the hsg and you feel there's no debris?
The wheel motor displaces over 90% of the oil the pump supplies it. It goes in and it comes out back to the pump. So tell me, how is it possible nothing got into the pump? Reason being, I've never seen that happen.
Flushing won't help. Very, very rarely can you take shortcuts on hydro work. Suction and return hoses, oil tank, filter head and pump should come out and be flushed. Cross contamination usually does not occur.
Depends on the system, since there isn't even a brand posted. Don't and won't get into a debate over it. Do what ever you feel is needed.
Its more what i can afford than what is needed. i just got the hoses off. there were a handful of very small granules of something on the other end. so as i mentioned above, i would like to flush the system and get it as clean as i can. frankly its possible that there is parts of the old shaft in the pump. i dont know.wont really know till it goes out. hopefully it doesn't happen.

In either case. there is some old oil in the system. replacing old oil with good oil, especially while doing repairs already, is just good maintenance.

but i would like some advice on how to actually flush the system?
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