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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
This may be true, but you do not need a contract or service agreement (one in the same) to make this clear. A simple letter of understanding you write makes that clear for scope, charges, and expected payment.

Some people try to make the business relationship far too complicated for simple services such as grass cutting, bush trimming, leaf removal, etc. These are mundane tasks that don't require anything complicated or worrisome to a customer.
If somebody showed at my door with a contract to cut my grass, I would tell them "No thank you," and move to the next LCO. Remember, none of us doing these simple services are offering nothing unique. There are ten others standing in line are willing to do the work without a piece of paper.

As stated above, honest people are honest people. A piece of paper does not make them any more honest.
I agree, if this is the level of service that you provide then I wouldn't try to get an agreement from the customer. We try to get all new clients to let us provide ful service which is all their maintenance, lawn care and clean up services throughout the year. These are the best paying, most appreciative customers we have. I'm not at the point that I ready to get rid of the others but the full service customers are committed to a higher level of services for the year and enjoy a affordable flat rate. It just makes sense to me.
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