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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
That's good because they wont last long with the tiny bit of grease behind the seals. What's funnier is when they have a zerk and sealed bearing. You can pump it all you want and no grease is going to get by those seals. There is a reason why the factories use grease filled spindles. Grease lubricates, cools and allows contaminents to be forced out. They may last a while but no where near the factory original.
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When I got cutter housings for my Exmark from my dealer they were the same, sealed bearings and a little packet of "lube" for the shaft.

I had 3 cutter housing laying around from some years back so this last time I ordered just bearings. While replacing the bearings I completely packed the housing with grease. Even though the bearings are sealed I figured the with the housing packed it would at least keep moisture out and possibly keep them somewhat cooler.

One of the techs at the Exmark dealer said I could drill and tap the housings for zerks and then remove the top seal on the bottom bearing and the bottom seal of the top bearing and would be able to grease them. I didn't because I figured with I'd just blow out the remaining seals when the cavity was full because the grease has got to go somewhere.

Being able to grease the spindles was one of the things I liked about our new Dixie Chopper Classic. Since I haven't had to take the spindles apart yet I'm assuming they aren't sealed bearings?
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