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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
The field in which i was doing the demo in has 0 buried influences. Basically 40 acres of perfect practice property.

Laying pipe and/or wire on the living room floor ain't gonna give you the same effect Rhett.

As i told Grassman, nobody knows where their utilities are buried precisely. Even when you can locate a conductor with a locator, there are usually some nearby influences that will throw the locate off target a little bit. You also have to consider that the wire path is not taut and straight and that you can't see how the voodoo sticks react in relation to the conductor.

There is a definate advantage to practicing in controlled situations. I would suggest to anyone beginning to locate, using a new or different locator or trying a new method or technique, to set up a practice field. Practice til they feel comfortable before trying to locate on a job site.
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I agree

Reminds me of a fortune cookie paper i once read: "The man with headphones answers no questions."

And when the sound is all the same on a 1 to 10 needle scale:
"A dialed-in 5 can lead you to a 6, but a maxed out 10 cannot show you the 11"
and " A needle is sharper than headphones "



I tried the dowsing rods outside the house today...

the bad part is the neighbors have confirmation that im crazy,

the good part is, for reasons that i can honestly say i am not sure of, the rods lined up too often to not be tested again.
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