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well it seems im going into buisness at least part time unless i really get a good amount of calls going, got some buisness cards coming, a few yard signs, some door magnets for old faithful(there only some basic vista print logos but i think for just my first year having my name and phone number will help a little bit, ill get fancy once i get a truck worth lettering)and thank god for my connections, im friends with some of the biggest contractors near me and have 'first dibs' on equipment being sold this year so i might be getting a 60" Lazer or Procat(obviously used) but i know both the companys selling mowers and they both have extremely routine maintenance schedules and besides that ive personally used a few of the machines working for these guys over the years, after i can get a zero turn ill look into a trailer and maybe a 36" for gates, believe it or not i turn alot of people down because for some odd reason that all of us who have been doing lawns for any amount of time its always the pain in the ass yard either huge or full of f**king random s**t and the only mower you can get in there is a 21" because your other mower is a 48 or 60 besides that ill be looking for truck over the year depending on how much buisness i can scrape up, ill get some pics of the signage when it comes in at end of week
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