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Originally Posted by jtis View Post
She has a huge piece of property and residence! I wouldn't mind to just have the pool house as my home. The lawn is maintained by her boys...teenagers. I am going to try to possibly get the snow removal for her in the winter (she has approximately 1 mile long paved drive.

One of the downsides is instead of building my customer base I am putting all my eggs in one basket with this residence...I do think I will know in the first few weeks of working for her if it will be worth it. I begin work on the property March 30.

Thanks for the feedback!
That is awesome! I wouldn't mind getting to maintain a property like that. 40$ an hour I think is pretty decent you probrably could have gotten a little more but I wouldn't complain! Maybe you might get more work from her to so it could be a GREAT outcome!
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