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dealer is good - they have a 52 we can demo but don't have a 61 in inventory. Scag rep is somewhat limited to what he can get in this area apparently but there is one in a crate at a dealership an hour away from here. It sounds like they might put it together so I can at least look it over.

This is a significant change to replace a 61inch z with a stand on machine so I decided to play it safe. Spoke to an exmark rep and they are willing to bring out a 60inch vantage, deere is providing a new stander (aka wright stander x) and I'm waiting to hear back from gravely that we can use a 61inch pro stance. I briefy ran a 52inch grandstand, 52inch gravely, 52inch new vantage with ecs controls, and a new 52inch scag (noticing a trend here...).

What I'd like to do is put these machines together at one of our properties and take some measurements, feel out the handling and ergonomic characteristics, and check the ease of maintenance on each machine with a few of my peers from the area. We did this back in '04 and it was a great way to narrow down. If the reps and dealers can accomodate a request like this I'll make sure to snap some pics and write up a review again on the key observable points (given the time of year) of each machine. We have a wright dealer here too that might be able to dig up a stander rh or zk to throw in the mix.

this is what we did back in '04
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