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Thinking of Starting Part-Time all suggestions are appreciated.

I work 8-5 everday and make a good living but I am single and can make some extra time, especially to be able to fish a little more often. I own a new Scag Turf Tiger 61" BB with lights, Echo 266T trimmer, Echo 770T Backpack Blower, Echo CS 310 Chainsaw, all organized in an enclosed trailer for my personal use now, but I thought I may be able to make some extra money by working a few nights a week. The market is fairly saturated and I pretty much understand my operating costs, but curious as to how much I need to work to make it worth the wear and tear on my own equipment, if I need to purchase additional Equipment, and any other Pertinent information? Please help, If I shouldn't try it, that is fine, I just have some really nice equipment to use on my own property, but if I should I own it all already!

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