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Originally Posted by OUTLANDER View Post
saying "no, i dont think you should"...wouldnt have explained my opinion on the topic at all......simply put, you got the point of being upset due to competition. Lawn and landscaping professions are too easily obtained and easy to get going, even where there is lack of experience or even professionalism so to speak. There needs to be more professional regulations and guidlines to do so. I'm just simply sick of seeing that, from the guy pulling around his mowers with a pinto, to the guy with a full time job and all the indusrties best equipment, wanting to make the so called easy dollars, or extra money. Being under disciplined, or (undeserving...again my opinion) is no way of saturating a market where some have dedicated their entire livelyhood as you did your 8 to 5 everyday choice
Now that, I can definitely appreciate! I understand and will take it into consideration. Thanks you!
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