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Originally Posted by Scotty B's Lawn Svc View Post
Hey guys hope everyone is getting ready for the start of the season. I actually did my first clean up of the season today, felt great getting back out their. Should be back in full swing in the next couple weeks.
Just wanted to bring up something that's been getting under my skin & want to see how you guys feel about it. Advertising on Craigs List, dont do it all the time but usually at the beginning of the year or if things get slow. Now its just becoming funny to see how these guys that offer the "CHEAPEST" price & just spam all day long.
I do pretty much the same the spring and fall and that's it. I get calls to come and look at lawns and then people try and waste my time by haggling with me. I absolutely hate the guy on CL that offers the "LOWEST PRICES"....clean-ups starting at $39.00....lawns cut for as low as $19.99......come on man! It may just be a marketing ploy to get people to call him but honestly I wouldn't think about hiring this guy. Not to mention he spells half of his CL adds incorrectly, I mean seriously.....spell check dude!!......ok, I'm done ranting lol
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