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I see that it's funny to you American born citizens but my dad pretty much had to go through all of that and some people still do today. I don't know if you guys have ever been to Europe and seen some small towns but yeah us americans do truelly have it made he was born in Croatia in a small house on a famr. His family grew up poor and struggled to make ends meet. The had 6 cows and some chickens and everyday at 4:30 my father had to walk up to the pastures to let the cows eat, and then come back at 6,milk the cows, eat breakfast and walk to school in another neighboring village 4 miles away even during the winter months in the heavy spw from being in the mountains. They were beaten in school with tree branches but his parents only disciplined him if he did something horrible. Then when he got home he would work in the fields with his 2 sisters and mother and father for 2-3 hours and then eat supper. Eventually at age 12, my father came over to America where he and my family started a new life. This is a true story so again even though it may be funny to you, some people actually had to go through that.
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