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Man. Looks like i missed a few posts. Just got an email for "updates"

If you don't follow Ralph's way with organic. You can't or shouldn't put down crabgrass preventer until you cut it twice. I use a mix right away and shy away from rye. It does come up quick and fill in fast for sure though. Or at least that's how I do it. However even though I am certified with the state license I actually use tru-green for all of my apps (12). I deal with the commercial manager and get better pricing than what I can do I for.

I hate snow!! But I did ok this year. That's a first. I sent my kids out after they decided they wanted to work this winter. And I ended up taking an offer with a friend driving a truck for him. Payed me more than I could pay myself. All that said I still hate snow!!

Ready for some work and start ups.

As far as Craigslist. I never post there. I look at it like I don't want to be in the same category or association of the "crazies". I've talked with big Irish About it a lot. I can't compare myself or worry myself about them. I know everyone has different cost but the 10$ cut guy is the guy who is. 1- loosing money. 2- scamming people. 3. Giving everyone else a bad name. Or some combination of the three. I almost want to call him and sub my stuff out!!! Haha

I tried mailing and door flyers at first but now I just grow by word of mouth.

Thats My two cents only. Disclaimer to that. I'm an idiot and can't spell either.

New for me.. I bought the 34 Great Dane down in Baltimore and have everything but one stander ready to go for season. Just got the superman truck and dump truck inspected today. And new tires on superman. 2200$. Ouch that hurt.

See you guys at the next meeting. Or out and about

Big truck
enclosed trailer
other stuff neccesary to work

1 Desert Eagle
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