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I don't know that much abou the aebi. But it sounds big and $ . I have mowed stuff that people just look at u like your ceazey to ride a tractor there. The new ventracs are only out in a gas or propain the EPA has shut down the 31 HP turbo diesel but your looking at about 25-28k out the door and if your on reall steep stuff the 60" deck is lighter and is easer on the hills if your working around trees and things if it's wide open like a damface use the 72" I have one of each. Get the tractor with the moore HP u can't go wrong I have one with a 27 HP kaw and use the 60" on it the27 just doesn't have it to turn the 72" wile cutting 6" of thick grass. The year round use is great the ventrac is soooo much more than just a lawn mower! My dealer has sold more ventracs to homeowners mowing what your talking about than procutters so it's not that uncommon.
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