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The decals can be purchased thru a dealer the ones you listed have MSRP's between $6 - $10. Serial 24740 was built in April of 2004 but did not sell till 2012 he may have been told it was a 2011 or 2012 when he bought it but that was not correct. It's considered the second version of the small Stander because it has the Hydro Gear pumps that have a return to neutral system on the pump, prior to that he had hoops and springs that returned the system. Unhook the control rods from the control levers to make sure that the levers move freely if they do then it is likely in the pumps, if not the levers need to be lubed. Usually the pumps will only stick when the mower is running and will move freely when the mower is shut off, try adding some Amsoil Slip Lock to the hydro system (usually one bottle is enough), it is a limited slip differential additive. It was a very random issue with some 10cc pumps years ago but the Amsoil took care of most of the units. Not sure why the engine would not still be the original with only 100 hours on the mower it's unusual that the serials are so close, thought maybe two mowers had their build info swapped but I don't find the 95679 on any mower we built.

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