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Originally Posted by zackvbra View Post
dont buy the ones from lowes either! They were terrible. The trimmers spun around so much as i was going down the road. it almost damaged the throttle trigger on one of them.

I got a rack from my local Ag Supply retailer and they work great for only like $120.

Dont be fooled by lowes $75 racks. Theyre horrible.
I used the same trimmer rack except I bought them from tractor supply. I actually did not mind them. I placed pipe insulation where the trimmers sit and wrapped with gorilla tape. My trimmers were snug and did not move at all.

Last spring my wife bought me the trimmer trap rack. My neighbor spent a few hours fabricating angle iron so they would bolt on my trailer more securely. They were to heavy they could not be mounted on the top rail. Then we had to cut the holders so they would fit around my trimmers. My back up trimmer will not fit on the rack at all. My stick edger is in the shop now because of damage to the shaft caused by these racks. So my stick edger and back up trimmer cannot go on the rack, what a waste of money and my neighbor's time. After extensive research I wanted the grid iron racks but my wife seen some literature from trimmer trap laying around and bought me these. I would gladly take the cheapo racks from tractor supply at this point.
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