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Originally Posted by gulfjoe View Post
When do you guys in Georgia plan on cutting the bermuda the first time this year. Mine is still totally dormant, and being my second year of having bermuda i didnt know when the first mow should be. I know you cut it very low the first time not sure when to though.
Mowing or scalping? Usually you would scalp it down and BAG it so the clippings don't get scattered everywhere and start to create too much thatch. I've scalped it down to the dirt before removing all of the previous year's growth and it comes back great.

Don't do this if you haven't done a pre-m app on it as all that sunlight and heat would make the weeds have a big party.

It depends on if you have a huge yard. I would do a little starting now and lower the deck down more and more each week or if you have a small yard and can do it all at once go for it.

After that if it's warm enough in a few weeks it should be greening up and should need mowing.
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