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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
the only thing that burns me up are the guys who do it on the side that will cut any lawn, any size for $25.00 or even less. Sure they can do this, get plenty of accounts at cheap prices because they are doing it under the table, don't have proper licensing or insurance. People can be mad (i get irritated when i look through craigslist ads. hehe), but its always gonna be like that, i've been on and off this board for the past 9 years, gas prices have doubled and the price of a lawn cut keeps going down.

anyways, i think if this is what you want to do you should be asking yourself if you should do it, rather than asking random dudes on the internet. I can see asking HOW to do it though. good luck with it.
Absolutely not, the wear and tear on my equipment is worth more than that and yes I would purchase insurance, no doubt, I already have a quote, but we don't have a licensing requirement but I would be legitimate and would charge enough to make it worth my time and if that meant not getting a single account so be it, I have figured my operating costs, hours I would be willing to commit and profit I would need to make, just asking for advice and additional equipment I may need. I would do a quality job and expect a quality price. I am just needing equipment issues and time aspects considered and thought I could gain some insight with guys with wisdom and experience!
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