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EDDM update. We have not done any as of now but I did stop at the local post office today to ask some questions.

If doing EDDM I highly suggest stopping at your PO first and asking questions because I got differnt answers than expected.

We work alot in a zip code 55331 it covers 5 smaller cities. 1 post office. Stopped there talked with them for a bit. They do not do any of there own mailing from there it all goes to the city over where not only the 5 cities from 55331 go but also the 3 other bigger cities and zip codes next to them.

So that actually made my life easier one place to go not 4. So I called them to get answers. They said they can not recieve money at that location so I need to goto the Chanhassen or 55317 PO drop everything there. No problem it's 1/4 mile from my house. So I can hit 8 cities or 4 zipcodes by going to one PO.

Next thing was how many per bundle 50 or 100. He said whatever works for you. Also said he didn't care if it was the whole route in one bundle but the receiving PO may so stick with 100.

Next was do I need a route cover sheet on each bundle or just the top of the whole route. he said the whole route is it. No reason to waste paper and make it more confusing.

Point is I would check with your specific PO to make sure you get it right and don't do extra work.
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