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As a kid starting up this year, I do have three years experience in landscaping with my summer job and am in college full time, I wish I had the equipment you currently have. And yes, I am working out of my truck right now, I cant afford to pay for college, equipment, gas, and travel to school. I may not have the best equipment, I only have two 21" push behind mowers, Echo Trimmers, 2 Hand held blowers, etc. But I am taking the risk of starting my own business, over the last three years for me I have grown to love mowing lawns, working outside, and being proud of making lawns look great. Am I an expert? No. Can I mow a lawn, make it look good and the customer happy? Yes. Will I mow a lawn for $25.00? Nope, not unless its tiny like some of the lawns here.

I do go market value for the lawns, and thats how I would rather have my accounts, I dont want 50 $25.00 lawns, I would rather wait for the ones that are higher paying and worth more money. So I went legal and am starting out.
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