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Simply put, I think anyone who refuses to consider an organic program is going to miss out. More and more people want to do better for the environment. And no matter what, there can be no doubt that natural organics are better for the environment. I'm not saying that synthetics are necessarily bad, but that natural organics are better. Keep in mind I'm saying for the environment. And while I believe organics can work better or at least as well as synthetics, there is still some debate concerning the vitality of the lawn itself. The only way you'll know if organics will work better for you, is to try it. However, I do see an organic program as an awesome chance to upsell. Doesn't mean you have to use all organics on all lawns, or that you have to use organics at all for that matter, just that as more and more customers appreciate it, we'll all need to be able to offer it or lose out. I'd be willing to bet a good LCO offering organic programs will be able to take some work from a good LCO that refuses to offer organics, anywhere in the US.

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