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I am bringing this thread back to life for a little more input.

I am planning to level the area shown in the photo from the end of the shrub bed down to the street about 950 SQFT. I really want to use this reel mower i bought so I am going to tackle it here soon. Here are my questions I may have asked them here on this thread in the past but I am looking for some fresh answers and i dont feel like reading through every post.

1. Can I top dress with sand in April to mid April?
2. Should I aerate before or after top dressing with sand? planned on aerating April 15th
3. I know I mow the lawn as low as possible and bag. but at what depth do i put the sand at? 1/4" 1/8"?
4.Should I fertilize prior to topdressing?
5. We do not have river sand down here in Columbus GA. People look at me crazy when I go to the suppliers and ask about it. they have something called #1 Brown ( has anyone ever heard of this? is there an alternative?
6 Am i missing anything? please let me know. If anyone has any good link or how tos on this that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance
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