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Slapper did perty good!!!

(1)Red handle MAC metal oil seal puller (uses sheet metal screws in tip)

(2)Parker hydraulic speed/close quarter wrenches

(3)2 Spring loaded AMP pin removers for electrical connectors(blk/silver)

(4)Blind bearing puller which will work on pilot bearings.Kit has multiple diff ends for diff size bearings

(5)offset 3/8 ratchet extension that is indexable .Works awesome for removing Hyd pumps that are crammed into tight spaces that have zero access for a wrench or the bulk of a ratchet.I use these in conjunction with cut down shortened sockets.Inherited this tool from my uncle about 20 or so years ago.Doesn't have a name on it but its quality and takes some torque.Have never seen another one anywhere.

(6) Now this IS the real money maker my Papermate thought I might get a chuckle out of that one .

Have a couple more in mind that I'll post shortly.
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