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I am sure that many of you know, or at least I would hope that you know of the hot news item that "Breast Cancer" was at it's highest rates on Long Island, New York. And that the undisputed cause was landscape pesticides.

Oh yeah. For years lawn chemicals were causing "Breast Cancer" and "Asthma" in children. It was a well know fact, everyone talked about it. Political figures road the band wagon for reelection on the cause to ban pesticides. News media drove their ratings up at the expense of lawn care profesionals.

New State environmental laws were passed and regulations tightened. Chemicals were removed from the market. Prenotification was enacted. Chaos and mayhem was strewn throughout the industry and officials everywhere.

Protests in the streets, at government offices. The news media covering the topic from every slanted angle to inflame the topic.

And all this based on an accusation. Not on any true fact. Not one dime was spent to prove. But it must be true cause it's in the news and politicians don't lie.

The GREEN INDUSTRY mobilized en mass to fight for their livelihood. We staged protests on the steps of the State Capitol and local Government offices. We hired lawyers and advocates to be our legal warriors for our cause.

We would not stand to be accused of such malicious slander. For we knew the FACTS. We had an entire INDUSTRY with us. We had millions of dollars spent by chemical companies and Universities, also Government Grant money used to test, study and probe the issues facing us. Years and thousands of hours spent. Thousands of pages written documenting the findings.

A FACT FINDING MISSION was enacted. The TRUTH would be told.

As it turns out. NOT ONE SHRED OF PROOF was found to justify the accusation that pesticides was a direct cause of "Breast Cancer" or "Asthma"

Scientific study proved point blank the indisputed truth that pesticides has no direct affect. After years of Hype in the media, all it got was one small paragraph on page 18. This revelation did not get front page, nor was it ever mentioned on the 6 o'clock news.

In the end it was then found that an area of New Jersey actualy reported the highest incident of "Breast Cancer" and you want to know why?

It is because that particular area of New Jersey is affluent. More women do the necessary screening for the disease. In that context the higher rate of incident means nothing, only for the fact that more women do and have access to the necessary testing.
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