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Chainsaw...30cc vs 40cc

Hey Guys,

Already have a 30cc (Stihl MS 192)...I beat the hell out of it clearing brazilian pepper and vines and what not...and the blade dulls fast as hell...I replace it way too often (or have to sharpen it).

Now, I've got a gig to cut down some larger Brazilian Peppers, so to make my life easier, I was going to buy something a bit hardier...I have a $100 gift card to HD (I know some of you are going to call me names for not supporting a small dealer and using my $ at HD).

I was comfortable throwing $200 on top of my gift card to pick up an echo-CS400...but I wanted to know...Is the difference in a 40cc saw that much greater than the 30cc? Or will the CS400 w/16" blade be that much more effective than an ms192 with a 14" and have that much more power and ease cutting?
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