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I went to order some G6 blades tonight... was gonna order 48 and like to have fell slam out of my chair. The price went from $14.33 last year to $23.34 this year. Choke!

I also tried to do the facebook like to get the 10% coupon, but it just read "Loading Coupon" for the entire time I was on the site, which actually wasn't very long after seeing the price hike. I honestly thought maybe you guys has sold the site and the new owners lost their marbles on the pricing. $23.34 is just not competitive in the least bit. HOWEVER, I did finally go back and double check just to make absolutely sure I had not lost my marbles and read the price wrong... (marbles still in place here, although shook up a bit)... and noticed the price match, so I am giving that a spin... although I prefer shopping at because the prices are lower, not matched. Generally I could get those blades for the $14.33 and with a 10% off coupon it saved me a good bit of the shipping, but I will continue looking around the web for a good deal. I have already found them for not too much more than what you use to sell them for.

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