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Actually out of the box it will be worse in two ways.

1) new 2-strokes (including echo) are set way too lean from the factory. It MUST be adjusted properly or it won't last long at all. HD doesn't do it.

2) the Stihl brand chain is the best, hardest steel chain sold today. The Oregon chain on the echo is good, but not as good as stihl.

If your going to use a chainsaw, learn to sharpen a chain. Only takes a few minutes. The best technique I've found is to never let it get dull. Each time it needs fuel, just give each tooth two strokes with a file. Key being to try to match the factory angles. Every 3-4 sharpenings, hit the rakers. Would you cut grass with dull blades?

Alternately, buy 5 or 6 loops of chain and change as they start throwing dust instead of chips. And let your dealer sharpen them for you.

The high dollar carbide tipped chains are not cost effective. At $150 or so they do not last 10 times longer, and are MUCH harder to sharpen.

The Echo CS400 is a great little saw. Better than the 192 in my opinion. And the cs400 can be had for $200 on e-pray. HD is only for emergencies.
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