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Hi Joel,
first thing your menu bar across the top is to wide forcing people to scroll horizontally (which pretty much everyone hates) even with the browser full screen at 1024x768 resolution. If possible you should design the page so it fit at least on a 1024 screen width wise and at 800x600 if possible.

You may also want to add your definitions of a "standard size lot" and "corner lot" on your FAQ page. You have different prices for them on the make payments page and should define what you mean those terms to mean so there is absolutely no mis understandings. If people can take something the wrong way - they will!

You might want to remove the link to "Customer lawns" until you have something to put there unless "coming soon" really means soon, as in in the next few days. Otherwise people will come back, see nothing has been done and wonder if there's ever going to be anything there.

Otherwise it's good, easy to read and navigate. Remember you can't make things to simple for people online.

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